“We asked Larry to help us complete our upstairs remodel. We had done much of the work piece meal (some ourselves, some through small subcontracts). We were on a budget and everything was partially complete and looked unfinished.

Larry took us on with our hodge-podge condition and worked with us. He brought a true craftsman’s skill and sense of what was needed. We will ask Larry for help every time we launch a project like this.

What did Larry do? First and foremost, he worked with what we had in place. We live in an A-frame built by the previous owner. There are no right angles and the structural beams were rough, extremely rough. Replacing them was out of the question. Larry advised us about wood, finishes, options, and came up with a plan to cover the beams so they look beautiful. More than this, Larry helped us accomplish a common look and feel throughout the entire second story. Moldings, door frames, hardware, base boards, and trim; he saw it as a whole and gave us an integrated theme. It looks like it was planned to be this way from the beginning. Larry was a miracle worker.

We wanted built in shelving for the room that was to be an office or studio but would also work well as a bedroom for a future tenant. What we have is a work of art. The design was Larry’s but based on our wishes. It has a special feature at the corner, angled shelves that provide a focal point and central feature of the room. We weren’t sure what to do about the corner but Larry gave recommendations and suggested choices of wood that considered both the theme of the upstairs finish work and our budget.

We recommend Larry and Barrett’s Custom Solutions without reservation. His craftsmanship is impeccable, his patience and willingness to work with us and what we had seemed limitless.”

Pat Almond and Bert Romans of Mulino, Oregon

“Larry Barrett is a master craftsman. His cabinets are of the highest quality materials and built and installed with an extraordinary level of precision and detail. Moreover, Larry has an eye for aesthetics and design. He knows when a proposed cabinet design will work in the intended space and when it won’t, and he considers modifications and employs design and construction skills to meet the customer’s goals.

You could not ask for a more skilled, thoughtful, dedicated and easy person with whom to work than Larry Barrett. He is timely and efficient, and he meets deadlines. He listens to the customer and is determine to please the customer with each and every aspect of the project. The proof is in the end product. He built and installed new cabinets throughout our kitchen and dining area, including hutches that look like fine furniture. This work was done to perfection in an older home with uneven flooring and sloping walls, among other existing challenges. His work is stunning, yet it is delivered in an efficient and reasonably priced manner. He takes pride in his work, and the customer is the fortunate beneficiary of his talent and dedication.”

Roy Hemmingway, Kathleen Murphy

“To Whom It May Concern

I highly recommend Larry Barrett for his professional conduct as a businessman and a cabinet/furniture maker, his honesty and reliability as a contractor, his skill as a craftsman of the highest quality who communicates details and procedures well, and for his pleasant manner throughout the process.
He built and installed my “custom hardwood” kitchen and dining room cabinetry in a timely manner, always kept to his schedule, and worked well accommodating myself and the other contractors. He also built a linen closet and a bench to my specification.

He was comparatively well priced, especially so, considering the superior quality of the product he delivered.”

Gaye Wood, Oregon city, Or

“Every room in our house has an area in which Larry’s craftsmanship is apparent. His work is incredibly beautiful, practical and well thought-out.

Larry’s remarkable ability to listen to what is needed / wanted, then design and build exactly what fits and works for each project is a gift. When working with Larry, his honesty and integrity makes him one of a kind in the business.

Larry’s work truly speaks for itself!”

The Revenaughs

“I keep coming back to Larry because he does the best work. Over the years he has done big and little projects: building furniture (coffee table, bookshelves, cabinets), replacing all my interior doors, mouldings and built in cabinets, building a cedar deck, a bathroom remodel and various other home improvement projects. All have been perfect and I get lots of rave reviews on his work.

I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone else. Larry is always conscientious and gives me great ideas on what will work or not work. I highly recommend him for your next home project.”

Candace Marquardt